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  • Bio decontamination services are frequently required for a wide range of healthcare, pharmaceutical and research facilities where high levels of cleanliness are required to prevent a risk to health through exposure to biological pathogens. These facilities include:


  • Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Production Areas

  • CL3 and CL4 Containment Laboratories

  • Hospital Isolation & Critical Care Areas

  • Tissue Culture Labs and Blood Banks

  • Animal Facilities and Research Labs

  • Fermentation Suites

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Infection Control

& Prevention

Welcome to IC Solutions 24/7 Limited


Please feel free to contact us if you require assistance or advice regarding environmental decontamination/disinfection.

We supply a wide variety of markets with free advice, professional services and cutting edge whole room disinfection technology.

Our clients include healthcare, laboratories, pharma, transport and the food industry.


Working closely with a number of the top global manufacturers of a wide variety of technologies, we are able to offer you advice and solutions that will fit your exact requirements regarding environmental whole room disinfection or decontamination.


Our Range includes: Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging (iHP Technology)  - SaniGuard Foggers and Surface Sprays - Nano Technology - Air Purification Systems - Water Treatment - iHP Fogging - Mould Remediation.


We also provide a very cost effective fogging service, available 24/7 - 365


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We are ISO9001 2008 Certified.

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