Keep your family and friends (and Santa) safe this Christmas with these incredible deals.
Fast, effective and easy to administer decontamination products. Perfect for work, home or your car.

With new variants, new restrictions and rapidly increasing infection rates, it’s important to sanitise and disinfect regularly. We’ve extended our Black Friday deals until 31st December 2021 to help keep everyone safe over Christmas.

On any of the below products until 31/12/2021

Saniguard Dry on Contact Spray

This is the world’s first and only dry on contact spray that’s safe for use on almost anything!

Sanitise electronic devices safely, decontaminate door handles, make high touch areas sanitary.


Vardar – Vehicle, Air-con & Small Rooms, decontaminated in minutes

Place in your car, turn on the air-con, activate Varder then wait 15 minutes. Your entire vehicle and air conditioning reservoir will be completely disinfected, fresh smelling and a safe environment for even vulnerable members of your family.

Saniguard Total Release Fogger Decontaminates Medium & Large Rooms

Eliminate pathogens and odours in rooms up to 625ft2. Saniguard reaches the places that traditional cleaning can’t. This is the perfect way to ensure every nook and cranny has been disinfected and risks of infection have been removed.

Sanosil S010 Hydrogen Peroxide and Silver Ion Disinfectant

This eco-friendly solution kills 99.9999% of pathogens. Ideal for use with fogging machines, this product leaves behind no residue and releases no harmful chemicals.



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