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By switching to our unique S010 Hydrogen Peroxide & Silver Disinfectant, not only will you be ensuring unparalleled cleaning and sanitising performance, but you will also be helping to save the planet by avoiding harmful chemicals.

Most cleaning products are bioactive – this means they have an adverse effect on living matter, including wildlife and plants.

When cleaning products are disposed of (usually down the drain), they can quickly enter our delicate ecosystem and cause ecological damage.

By making small changes in the products we use, further damage to our environment can be reduced.

S010 represents a new generation of clean, safe, eco-friendly biocides for the effective control of micro-pathogens including Legionella, E.Coli, Pseudomonas, Influenza A and B, Campylobacter, Salmonella, MRSA, VRE and other bacterial, viral and fungal infections, on hard surfaces.

  • Powerful
  • Safe
  • Environmentally, the best choice for surface disinfection!

This ground-breaking solution is formulated using a stable combination of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) and Silver (ag) ions to create a biocide 20 times more effective than hydrogen peroxide alone.

Unlike chlorine-based disinfectants, S010 breaks down into harmless oxygen and water. Following treatment using S010, surfaces are left residue free with no need for additional wiping.

Buy One – Get One Free! (until 31/12/2021)

  • Sanosil - Hydrogen Peroxide & Silver - Broad Spectrum Disinfectant - Kills 99.9999% of Pathogens
    Sanosil – Hydrogen Peroxide & Silver – Broad Spectrum Disinfectant – Kills 99.9999% of Pathogens
    £95.00 + VAT

Discounted Fogging Equipment

The most effective way to apply S010 is as a fog. This treats areas that can’t be reached by traditional methods. For a limited time, save a massive 30% off these top of the range fogging machines!

  • The Ultimate 'Everything you need' Fogging Machine Kit With Disinfectant, PPE & Training
    The Ultimate ‘Everything you need’ Fogging Machine Kit With Disinfectant, PPE & Training
    Product on sale
    £595.00 + VAT
  • Levanto Backpack Fogger/Sprayer (for use with Disinfectants & Insecticides)
    Levanto Backpack Fogger/Sprayer (for use with Disinfectants & Insecticides)
    Product on sale
    £1,690.00 + VAT

S010 is a patented product that, without any side effects, can eliminate all: pathogenic amoeba, bacteria, biofilms, fungi, moulds and viruses. Sanosil can achieve this status through the simple chemistry that allows silver ions within the solution to react with catalase, a protein produced by bacterium to protect the cell wall form being destroyed. This allows for the hydrogen peroxide in the formula to destroy the cell wall and eliminate the bacterium, for powerful and effective biological control.

1 s2.0 S0254058414008633

The EU Biocide Article 95 compliant Hydrogen Peroxide / Silver based disinfectant. Sanosil is a versatile, simple water disinfectant that can be used in virtually any application including: drinking water, cooling towers and air-conditioning plants, food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry and cosmetics, hospitals and clinics, swimming pools, consumer goods, livestock farms and fish docks, post harvest treatment, hors-sol production and flower industry for the effective control of biological pathogens.



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