How dirty is your car?

There are approximately 700 different kinds of bacteria thriving in the average car. This is particularly dangerous if you like to eat or drink in your car.

The average steering wheel has 629 colony-forming units of bacteria in every square centimetre, that’s almost 4 times worse than a public toilet seat! You cup holder isn’t much better with an average of 506 colony-forming units of bacteria.

The seat belt comes third and the inside door handle ranks fourth in the dirtiest places in your car.

What’s hiding in your air-con?

A study performed by scientists at London Metropolitan University found that bacteria was present in every one of the vehicle air-con units they tested.

When your air-con reservoir is contaminated, you might notice an unpleasant odour… or you might notice nothing at all which is why regular cleaning is encouraged.

It’s recommended that these units be serviced and sanitised every two years.



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