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Prevent child sickness in your schools

Schools are a place of learning, an environment where children gather to learn and further their education.

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However, hundreds of children congregating into an area, along with teachers and other staff, five days a week, creates a massive risk of infection, simply due to the amount of people in one place at one time.

Another factor which contributes to the risk is the sharing of equipment i.e. desks, keyboards and door handles.

When a local school found that several of their pupils were becoming rapidly ill, they knew they had a huge problem on their hands. As a result, our company was called in to provide them with a whole room disinfection service.

First of all, we conducted a site visit. This was to determine the number of classrooms, along with the size of them. Once we had this information, our team set off to begin the fogging process at the school. First, the classrooms were hand fogged. Afterwards, our disinfection expert placed the larger fogging machines into the classrooms and fogged again. Then, the team allowed some time for the dry mist hydrogen peroxide to settle, which is known as contact time. Once the allotted time had finished, the classrooms were vented until the level of hydrogen peroxide level had dropped below 1ppm which is the safe level.

This simple two-step process ensured the harmful germs had no chance of surviving and causing infection to anyone else in the school.

There have been no reports of illness since, so it’s a job well done. However, we do recommend an annual disinfection service as a preventative measure.



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