Nuevo Fogging Disinfectant

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Nuevo is the new cost effective, quick, effortless and safe fogging disinfectant. Nuevo is to be used with our handheld ULV Cold
Fogging Machines and is used to create a ‘Blanket Effect’ in environments to thoroughly disinfect the air and surfaces it
touches. Nuevo Fogging Disinfectant works within 15 minutes.

Nuevo Fogging Disinfectant is ideal for managing and reducing:
• Microbial numbers in the airspace and surfaces
• Black mould levels on surfaces (Aspergillus niger spores)

Perfect for infection control in high traffic areas, including:
• Offices for elimination of COVID19, H1N1 Swine Flu and Norovirus
• Hospital wards for the elimination of C. Diff spores.
• Airports for highly contagious viruses like SARS and Ebola
• Vehicles that have regular patient contract (i.e. Ambulances, Cars etc.)


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